Regards croisés sur la régulation numérique dans l’UE et au canada

With the generalization of the use of the Internet for work, leisure, and indeed practically all human activities, the issues of liability and duties for platforms have become crucial. In several countries, it is considered that the preservation of democratic balances as well as the respect of human rights require the upgrading of legislation.

In this panel, we invite you to take stock of the initiatives to regulate the content circulating on digital platforms. Both in Europe and in Canada and also elsewhere, legislators are tending to recognize that the extraordinary possibilities offered by connected environments come with risks of abuse that must be prevented. To this end, they are developing new approaches to better regulate the circulation of online content. Our panelists will present the main lines of these regulatory initiatives and will be able to discuss the issues and challenges that this represents.

The panel iscomposed by :

–          Mrs. Laure Durant-Viel, Deleguate to digital platforms regulation, Ministry of Culture of France

–          Mr. Michel Sabbagh, Director General, Broadcasting, Copyright, and Creative Marketplace, Heritage Canada

–          Mrs. Jeanette Patell, Head of Government Affairs & Public Policy, YouTube Canada

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