Big data: A collective resource of connected world (à paraître)

All connected objects produce data. Current privacy laws focus on the relationship between information and the individual. They are not designed to ensure that data generated by an entire population in the connected world is used responsibly. The information obtained through the “free and informed consent” of individuals is nevertheless used to generate value in the advertising market, targeted marketing and soon, in the prediction supported by artificial intelligence of our movements and our health condition. 


This chapter argues that the underlying approaches of data protection laws fail to cope with the challenges posed by the advent of a context in which data produced by collectivities constitute a factor of wealth production. Hence the need to rethink the status of big data to recognize that they are a resource that emanates from the community and which as such should be treated as a collective resource. Recognition of the collective status of big data as a resource provides a rationale for legislatives measures intended to protect or restore data sovereignty in democratic states.

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